Tuesday, February 8, 2011

off topic Tuesday::{she works hard for the money}

this is actually a little ON topic but, it hits home so I wanted to share it! I don't remember how I found this incredible photographer but, her work and her words have been so inspiring!
After you read her latest post {she works hard for the money} check out the rest of her blog AND her beautiful images! I mean, STUNNING! I think my jaw hit the floor the first time I browsed her site. Check out the name of her business ;) {work of heart photography}


Friday, February 4, 2011

Fellow artist: Friday.

I have some of the neatest friends! Singers, songwriters, painters, photographers, dancers...lovers of all things creative! I enjoy surrounding myself with creative beings-inspiring! I'd like to highlight some of my inspirations and share their goodness with you.

Today, it's driftwood visual. Some dear friends of mine. Simply put, "We're crazy about what we do!" And they are darn good at what they do! I shared their latest, featured video {JOHN+LINDSEY l THE WEDDING} on my facebook this morning and people are having to dry their crying eyes thanks to its simplistic beauty! 


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

off topic Tuesday

I think that suits the subject line :)

Since I have not come across any super great deals this past week, I'll just share some random sites I've found.

A goal I have set for 2011 is to drive to California. A dear friend of mine recently moved to LA so, a visit is a must! An unexpected call from her last night and finding this site has me more excited than ever! It may take all year to "plan" it but, I'm set on making it happen!!
LOVVVVVE Paper Tongues! Katie, I'm coming!!! :)
Here's something I've had fun clicking through this morning...You know you're a photographer when... I can't help but laugh at some of them because they are sooo true!

"3. Study music and poetry to get a better understanding of rhythm. Rhythm is important to visual arts too. See how rhythm combined with mood and theme forms your photographic ideas."--I KNEW it!! This made me smile...found it at photofocus.com

Music is a huge part of my life and I've wanted it to play some sort of {major} role in my photography=TADA!!

Well, this is becoming painfully random...to me anyways. Hope you enjoy the reads! Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You should know...

One of my favorite photography websites is Photojojo.com! Their writers are hilarious, their ideas are unique and their products rock! They "are on a mission to make photography fun"! Photography is definitely fun but, their DIY projects (like THIS and thiiis) and fun camera accessories (like the FISHEYE attachment which I happen to own and love!) make it even more entertaining!
here are few samples of how it makes your pics look!

So, check out the site, subscribe to the newsletter and ENJOY!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"________ Tuesday"

I'm hoping to do regular weekly updates/posts so, I've been thinking of names to give it/them. "To-Do Tuesday"? "Tightwad Tuesday"? ?? Guess I'll just focus on posting on a regular basis first, then see what works itself up... :)

I wanted to share my latest STEAL DEALS with you! Heeey, "STEAL DEALS Tuesday"?! Could work...!? Moving on; There are some great resources out there for branding, marketing and promoting yourself, no matter what field you're in-for cheap! The two I'd like to highlight today are Shutterfly and MOO.

If you sign-up to receive emails from Shutterfly you are bound to come across some great deals! They are always offering items for FREE (books, shipping, prints, etc)! 
Take this little beauty for example:

This book regularly costs $29.99+$7.99 (shipping and handling)=approx $40 it's features are: hard cover, professionally bound, 20 pages ($1 each additional page) and printed on high quality paper. Right now they're offering 20% off until Feb 1, 2011. That takes the price down to $23.99 and only $.80/add. page. Guess how much I paid for this gem?! $8.55!!! That's right I only paid for shipping and a $.56 tax! There are over 50 different pictures in my book! I absolutely LOVE it...even more-so because of the cost. I set it up as a portfolio; describing my business and such, complete with an 'about me' page. SIGN UP TO RECEIVE SHUTTERFLY'S emails!!

This next item is something I can not wait to order more of!! I want MOOooooore! :)

they come in this nifty little box that serves a double duty-to protect and display! OH! And it's recyclable! That's triple duty!

Let's talk cost...we all know business cards can get expensive! Especially, when it comes to full customization. Not with MOO! 50, double-sided, full color business cards regularly costs $21.99+ $5.50 (shipping and handling)=approx $28. Not too bad. Now, let's play the guessing game again!! Guess how much I paid?! $5.50!!!

They are fully customizable and each card can have a different picture on it! It's like a pocket portfolio! The quality of these cards blew me away! I almost hate the idea of having to give them away!!

What could have cost me almost $70 to help me promote my business only cost me $14.05! W-O-W!!! That's approx $54 in savings! 

Growing your business CAN get expensive but, it doesn't HAVE to be!

p.s. I just wanted to brag/show off my first prop I found and bought for $25!!! You prob won't believe me when you see it but, it's true-I tell no lies. Here she is...
I know it's not the best picture of it but, you get the idea. It's huge! Velvetty! Red!! All around beautiful, it was love at first sight!

Here it is in action:


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

on a tight budget headed toward Successville

Approaching the close of 2010 I began asking myself, "how can I get my name 'out there' and grow my business in 2011?" I've spent and continue to spend hours online researching my "Competition", searching for the latest and greatest prices, offers, styles, etc.... Then, I began asking others; Friends, loved ones, current customers and hopefully, future customers!

While trying to please the people I, too, have to please myself and my wallet. More importantly, my wallet. Photography is an expensive hobby/career! Well, it can be. While it is important to stay "in the know" I strive to prove that you do not have to have tons of equipment to be not just good but, great! Like most people, money does not grow on a tree in my back yard. So, I make the most of it with what I have.
With that said, I'd like to share a budget friendly endeavor I have recently accomplished: an online portfolio. A FREE, flash, very professional-looking portfolio! See it for yourself HERE! I am very happy with it!! I built it through a website called WIX. It was very simple and if I ever decide to upgrade, that option is there for me...and it's cheap!

You do not have to break the bank to be the best you can be!

Have a beautiful day!